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Latest Study from Liftoff Shows How Gender Affects App-Use

Latest Study from Liftoff Shows How Gender Affects App-Use

There are more than a few companies out there that collect app data and offer developers and publishes insights into better methods to target certain customers better. Liftoff, a company that describes themselves as “only true CPA-driven mobile app marketing and retargeting solution that helps app publishers boost post-install events and conversion rates”. In a nutshell, Liftoff are the people that focus on what happens next, what happens after somebody downloads and installs an app to their Android smartphone or tablet. In their latest infographic, they’ve unearthed some interesting figures that help paint a picture of how gender affects what people do next after installing an app.

Focusing on the cost-per-action, the amount of money that results in a purchase for a shopping app, a purchase for a game or subscription of some sort, Liftoff discovered some interesting numbers. Where shopping apps were concerned, Men were much more likely to browse than they were to commit and purchase something. In fact, Women were found to be 32% more likely to make a purchase in a shopping app, bringing the CPA for women down to $144.50 while men need a CPA of $190.70. If you thought that statistic was disappointingly cliched, then here’s one for the guys; over 50% of men are likely to create an account when using dating apps – such as Tinder – while only 40% or so of women create an account. This makes men an easy target when it comes to dating apps, with a low CPA of just $5.19 to register an account, compared to $9.30 for women.

These figures have been collected throughout Q1 2015 and cover 22.5 million installs and 550 million post-install events. The CPA figure refers to a rough amount worked out per-action compared to how much each category is likely to spend on app marketing and such. It’s an interesting way of looking at things, especially if you’re looking to see what sort of ROI you can expect to gain from promoting your app heavily. Liftoff have put together an infographic – embedded below – which covers six app categories; dating, finance, shopping, social, travel and utility. It’s an interesting look at app marketing as a whole, and something that those looking to promote a new app should take a look at. This information applies to just Q1 2015, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that these patterns are likely to change throughout the year. Perhaps we’ll check back in later in the year and see what happens in the Spring time.
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